The territory

The volcanic nature of the soil, mild climate and topography of the area makes it particularly suited for agriculture; hence our land is able to yield an exceptionally high quality product. The terrain is rich in minerals and in particular potassium, which is beneficial to the vines and is also reflected in the quality of the wine produced, elegant, intense, sapid, rich in aroma and flavor.

This is where we cultivate our 35 hectares, nine of which are vineyards, learning every day how to respect the necessary equilibrium that exists between us and this land.

We are a burgeoning estate in the northern region of Caserta, located at the foot of the spectacular, inactive volcano of Roccamonfina, in the land the ancient Romans called Campania Felix

The application of Biodynamic farming allows us to cultivate the terrain, grow the vines and produce our wine with an approach that is completely natural and simple.