Who we are

We are a burgeoning estate in the northern region of Caserta, located at the foot of the spectacular, inactive volcano of Roccamonfina, in the land the ancient Romans called Campania Felix, a particularly fertile terrain which continues to yield exceptional products to this day.

Diana, an agronomist who decided to follow non-invasive methods of cultivation and her husband Mario, passionate wine connoisseur, have undertaken this project that, even before a business, is a way of life and a way to share a common passion for wineand for the land.

The name that we chose for our label -I Cacciagalli- is the same name that has always designated the area where the Cacciagalli Estate is located, belonging to Diana’s family for many generations.  The land, therefore, is the family’s, where grape vines, hazelnut, chestnut and olive trees have always been cultivated.  Experience comes from ancient traditions of preserving and revitalizing, but above all, this knowledge is coupled with “new” understanding of respect for the territory, for the environment and for those that live there. 

The application of Biodynamic farming allows us to cultivate the terrain, grow the vines and produce our wine with an approach that is completely natural and simple.

The volcanic nature of the soil, mild climate and topography of the area makes it particularly suited for agriculture; hence our land is able to yield an exceptionally high quality product.