Cultivated and eaten

Entering the ancient farmhouse I Cacciagalli there is a vegetable garden that welcomes you. We are a farm with 35 hectares of land, ten of which are vineyards, the rest is destined for the olive, hazelnut, chestnut groves and vegetable garden where we practice certified organic agriculture. Following the natural seasonality of the products, we grow vegetables typical of our territory. Among these the Chickpea of Teano Slow Food Presidium, a cultivation of an ancient memory that we have recovered with some enthusiasm. Cultivated and eaten by us is not only a slogan, but a reality that we live personally, and with guests, in everyday life.

Kitchen culture

Ours is a cuisine that incorporates the flavors and recipes of the upper Caserta area, an area that still preserves a strong rural identity. We are convinced that this heritage is not lost, the farm gives us the opportunity to keep it alive and to tell it to our guests. The old family olive trees surround the farm, we obtain an excellent extra virgin olive oil which, with generous complicity, enhances the dishes of Cacciagalli. We offer a tasting menu that changes according to the seasons. The events experienced between the restaurant and the beautiful agricultural landscape that surrounds us always leave indelible and joyful memories.