About us

We are located in the Alto Casertano, at the roof of the beautiful Roccamonfina extinct Volcano, in a land that Ancient Romans used to call Campania Felix and that give rise to products of excellence even today. Diana, an agronomist who has chosen to apply practices that are not invasive to the cultivation of lands, and her husband Mario, a passionate expert of wine, undertook a journey that, before being a business concept, is a life path, in the sharing of the passion for wine and land.
The name chosen for the company, Cacciagalli, is the old name of the land on which the Cacciagalli farmhouse, owned by Diana’s family for generations, was born. The lands, therefore, are family lands full of vineyards, hazelnuts, chestnut trees and olive groves since ever; the experience is taken from an ancient tradition to guard and keep alive in combination with the new awareness about enviromental protection and respect for human and land health.

Our land

This land is strongly agricolture-based because of the volcanic subsoil, the landform and the mild climate, all factors that contribute to the creation of products of excellent quality. The soil of volcanic origin is a geological excellence for the vine cultivation: the high presence of mineral salts (protassic in particular) brings benefits to the vineyards which reflect on the quality of the wines of our production: they are elegant, intense, rich in aromas and flavours. This is where we cultivate our 350 hectares of land (9 of which are vineyards), learning everyday more about the respect of the necessary balance between man and nature.

Our approach

We have chosen the biodynamic agricolture method because it allows us to engage in a simple and natural way with the cultivation of the land, the viticulture and the winemaking and to strengthen the link with the land even more, with the aim to increase and maintain the soil fertility in order to emphasize the typicalness of the territory. Our wines totally reflect the naturalness of this approach because they are the result of the passion and the respect for the diversity and peculiarity of the grape varieties: we do not use any artificial additives in our winery, we minimize the use of the sulfur dioxide, the fermentation process takes place using indigenous yeasts, we don’t use clarification or filtration processes. Our work is enhanced by terracotta amphorae through which the wines keep they identities, highlighting the bond with the vine and the area.